InstaPDF is made by...

... and is neither VC Backed nor is it built by a large team. It's completely bootstrapped & self funded and by keeping things simple, we build honest products that we use ourselves. Here's a bit of backstory:

"I wonder if there's a better way to do this?". And by "this", Wolfgang meant the process of scanning bills, making PDFs, archiving them in the correct location with the correct name and finding the right one at the right time. He'd been doing it this way for 10+ years.

He gave Maximilian the task to work on a prototype to solve this chore. This prototype eventually grew into what InstaPDF is today: an iPhone client with a web portal, where users are able to store, manage and share all their personal or business documents. Completely in sync, anytime & anywhere.

Development of the client and server side (back & front-end) is handled by Maximilian. He's been busy coding over the past two years and has been doing UI/UX work for this long too.

Wolfgang serves as advisor to the InstaPDF Service. He has previously served as CEO of a hotel ( in Austria's Alps. Many of his decisions have and will guide the future direction of the service.

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