InstaPDF Features.

Everything you'll ever need to manage your documents.

Autocrop, Filters & Perspective Correction

The HD scanner in your pocket.

Perform multi-page scans with Autocrop in seconds. The scanner detects your pages on a contrasting surface and performs automatic perspective correction.

A filter is then applied automatically, which improves colors, contrast and reduces document size.

Automatic Sync & Storage

Your documents, everywhere.

Sign into InstaPDF and receive free cloud storage, automatic backups and effortless sync. Access your documents on all your devices seamlessly.

The InstaPDF service is hosted on Amazon's AWS Cloud, which guarantees high availability, redundancy and low latency.

Lost a device? No problem.

Automatic backups, always.

At InstaPDF we focus on one with and one thing: providing the best service for storing and managing your documents. This is why your documents are kept safe in the cloud.

If you delete the InstaPDF app from your local device, nothing is lost. Pick up your new device, download InstaPDF and all your documents will be there.

Automatic Sync & Storage

Comes with a Mac App.

A seamless drag & drop interface for all your documents. A single click to manage, rename & share your folders. Keyboard shortcut features to further improve your workflow.

Bundled with the power of our cloud sync and automatic backups, you'll manage your documents effortlessly.

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Advanced machine learning OCR

Super accurate text recognition.

Our optical character recognition (OCR) system is based on the latest advancements in computer vision and neural networks. To ensure your privacy, recognition is performed locally on your device only.

The recognised words are embedded back into the document, where you can then highlight and copy the text you need.

Every folder has a web link

Share a thousand documents.

Folders are a powerful addition to your workflow. You can give your accountant access to receipts or use them to keep your documents organised.

Individual documents can also be shared via their public links. Sent the wrong document? Set your document to private and it becomes inaccessible.

Markup your documents

Stamp, draw, sign & write.

Annotate your documents by adding highlighting, drawing, adding stamps and signatures. All changes you make are synced to all of your devices.

Duplicate a document with one tap and add, delete or rearrange pages. InstaPDF Markup has you covered.

Keep it organised

Do everything on multiple accounts.

Restore your work-life balance by keeping your work and private documents separate, but accessible. You can even work on documents for multiple companies. Switch accounts instantly by long-pressing the bottom bar in the app.

Our enterprise users love this feature and so will you.

Go Paperless.

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