Stamping Documents Understanding InstaPDF's powerful stamping capabilities.

Stamps are a powerful tool for document management. It'll help keeping track of the document's status, for you and other users.

Your Stamp Library is synced across devices on a per-account basis. Custom stamps are available on iPhone, iPad and Mac - modifiable attributes include: Title, Subtitle, Color, Font & Font Size.

Custom Enterprise Stamps

For enterprise customers we offer the advanced capability of adding a PNG version of your company's stamp to your account. This service comes with a fee and there is currently no way to access this feature from any InstaPDF application.

Adding a Stamp to a Document

Select the desired stamp from the the Stamp Collection. A blue outline and white background will indicate the actively selected stamp. Tap anywhere on the document you'd like to add your stamp to. Upon pressing Save, the stamp will be embedded into the PDF via an annotation.

Removing a Stamp

If the document has not been flattened, stamps can be removed by selecting the stamp and choosing Delete Stamp.

Preventing Stamps from being Moved / Edited

Stamps are added to PDF files in form of annotations. By default, any PDF files exported directly from the InstaPDF iOS & Mac apps will flatten the document automatically. This means any other PDF editing program will not be capable of moving or editing annotations. Should you require a document to remain editable on export, go to InstaPDF's preferences (under Accounts in iPhone, Settings on iPad and Mac) and disable Flatten on Export.

Advanced Stamp Creation Capabilities

When creating a stamp, two commands entered into the Title text field will create special stamps:

  • DATE - removes the border and compresses the stamp to the minimum size required to fit the text. This is done to allow the date stamp to overlap with others when adding it to the document first. Will always output the current date. When using the subtitle override field, text is added in front of the date. When creating the stamp, a custom date format can be entered into the subtitle field. See this guide for more information on the available values.
  • TEXT: - removes the border and adds freeform text defined after the semicolon. The subtitle field will be ignored. Add \n for line breaks. When a custom subtitle override is defined in the stamp overview, text will be appended to the end of the stamp.

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