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The features listed below are what we think make InstaPDF unique and a good document management solution for you.

1. Automatic Backup & Cloud Sync

Documents on your account are always backed up when imported or scanned to Amazon's S3 Storage service. The benefit is instant access and synchronisation across all your devices.

2. HD Scanner with Autocrop & OCR

InstaPDF for iOS & iPadOS features automatic paper detection, perspective correction & crop (Autocrop). To modify the readability of documents and give them a scanner-like appearance choose one of the six available filters. By default, text on documents is locally recognised to respect your privacy and embedded onto the documents.

3. Folders, Titles & Tags

Powerful organisation capabilities are the foundation for document management. InstaPDF prioritises instant search for document titles & tags. To group documents use folders. These are different to traditional computer folders, because one document can live in multiple folders.

4. Markup Documents

Add signatures, text or stamps to provide documents with a status. Draw and highlight to provide feedback. All changes are synced across your devices after saving the document.

... and so much more:

  • Encrypt Documents with Passwords
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Public Document Links
  • Sharable Folder or Document Links
  • Export, Print or Share
  • Custom Stamps per device
  • Markup before upload
  • Multiple Paper Formats
  • Export personal data

Many of the listed features have been refined over years. Should you have any questions about InstaPDF, please do not hesitate to get in touch by filing a ticket or sending us an email directly.

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